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The COVID-19 pandemic found The Tubby Horse Company performing outside in King’s Park, Dalkeith on a weekly basis alongside a new venture, the Vintage Vibe coffee truck. Many local people of all ages, including their pets, would come along to relax, share a bit of chat and enjoy live music. 

Following on from the pandemic, the demand for entertainment from The Tubby Horse Company continued and so did the weekly outdoor events in King’s Park, and regular dates inside hosted in St David’s church hall, Dalkeith, all are welcome!

The Tubby Horse Company has been supported by comments such as:

“I’ve been attending…the park. It's helped me so much. It lifts my spirits. Has given me more get up and go. And I've made true friends. A great asset to Dalkeith. Long may it continue.”


“As an unpaid carer this has been a great opportunity to have time away from caring to enjoy informal music sessions to look after my mental health and wellbeing….and knowing I can look forward to weekly music sessions has gotten me through really difficult times.”


“Having something that feels so welcoming and relaxed that you can turn up on your own, whether in the park or at one of the indoor venues, enjoy music and get chatting to like-minded folk, is just fab.”



Click below to hear some tunes from a Tuesday Session. 


Broadcast by Black Diamond FM

(March 2023)

Black Diamond FM RecordingThe Tubby Horse Company
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